Tuesday, July 13

Namechecking and a request

First of all, I don't know who Teenage Fanclub is, but one of my friends does, and sent me this interview in which the lead singer name-checked Jonathan's awesomeness.

NB: I love Jonathan Richman. I love everything he’s done. “That Summer Feeling” is one of those incredible songs. The lyrics—“When the teenage car gets the cop down on it, when the flat of the land has got the crop down on it, when the catamaran has got the top down on it”—just unbelievably brilliant, you know? The last time I saw Jonathan was about six months ago, and he just gets better and better. I’ve got this little story: A friend of mine was promoting a show of Jonathan’s, and he came up to me and said, “You’ll never guess what Jonathan Richman’s rider was.” I said, “I don’t know, what was it?” And he said, “The rider was: a glass of tap water onstage at the side of the microphone. That was it.” [Laughs.] It had to be tap water.

AVC: Do you keep up with his newer albums?

NB: Oh yeah. A more recent Jonathan song I love is “My Baby Love Love Loves Me.” He did it live the last time he was in Glasgow, and he had everyone in the room singing for 10 minutes. There were 300 people in this room worshipping at the temple of Jonathan.


Interview with Norman Blake by Jason Heller, June 15, 2010, Full interview here.

also, does anyone have the Laura Palmer tape to download? PLEASE???


  1. Teenage fanclub is awesome. Their album Bandwagonesque is a classic.

    One way to get the Laura Palmer tape is to go here: http://www.icecoldnugrape.com/lauraPalmerTape/

    The songs can be downloaded right clicking on the song links and choosing: "Save target as", and save them to a folder on your computer.
    If you have iTunes or something like that, you can make a CD out of the songs.

  2. i can't find a higher bitrate than this one but i could potentially convert the flac to v0 when i go home



  3. you *don't know* teenage fanclub?

    well, it's never too late - all the albums are pretty good but i'd start with Bandwagonesque and Grand Prix :)

  4. You can downloaded it at: http://icecoldnugrape.com/lauraPalmerTape/

  5. HAYYYYY You guys are awesome! I thought I had it, but was looking through my stuff the other night and was mistaken. Thanks!

    And Chris! Thank you so much for the recs!

  6. Loads of Richamn & Teenage Fanclub on my blog :


    All the best, Skamanc.