Tuesday, February 2

Paris salle de l'Empire winter 1979

My friend JL Bassman has kindly posted on you tube this Jonathan concert filmed for French TV in 1979 and splitted it in 3 parts.

here is part 1 which features "crazy Eddie", "crazy little mama" and "back in your life"

part 2 is here, "abominable snowman in the supermarket"

part3 is here, "rock'n roll"

enjoy !!


  1. This is special!!! Very rare, and sounds great! Thanks for posting!!!!

  2. Um, your friend is awesome.

  3. Merci beaucoup Jacques !!
    Excellent !!!
    Either I missed the show at the time (though I used to watch Chorus as often as I could), or worse, I watched and wasn't "seduced" by this early example of solo Jonathan... : I only became a fan two or three years later.