Tuesday, December 9

Treats for all!

I don't know about anyone else, but my finals for college are next week, and I'm swamped with work. So for all of you who feel my pain, for whatever reason, I bring you treats.

Jim Harrington of The Concert Blog went to see Jonathan on December 7th, and wrote a tiny review, also asking if anyone out there could explain why they loved Jonathan so.

I just got home from seeing Jonathan Richman at the Great American Music Hall on Sunday night (Dec. 7). It was my second time seeing the singer-songwriter-guitarist (and his ever-present buddy-sidekick-drummer Tommy Larkins) in 2008. That’s not unusual (at least not for me).

I see Jonathan and Tommy at least once a year, usually more. I think my record is catching them a half-dozen times in a single year. And I would have seen them more that year, if I’d had the chance.

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Another reviewlet of the 5th concert over at Boomvang:

Mitch and I got to go see Jonathan Richman on Friday night thanks to the babysitting prowess of our friend's Seth and Elise. It was a great concert. I felt like the universe gave me a small gift when Jonathan opened with some song about suffering that I had never heard before that had a chorus about how you can't avoid suffering and you can't refuse defeat because then Prozac wins and you become a really annoying falsely happy person. It was a message that found fertile ground in my current mood so I was happy to have the universe (through Jonathan) affirm that it is o.k. to be bummed out sometimes and that you should embrace your sadness sometimes.

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Lastly, I bring an interview! This is from the live concert DVD "Take Me To The Plaza", which I recommend oh-so-highly. There are 2 parts, and I hope you enjoy my tiny gifts to you, and have a splendid week. Monday, I should return with a review of the Friday concert in Olympia.

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