Saturday, December 6

Of Haiku and Matter

I found the best little reviewlet on Concert Haikus (which, incidentally, I think is the coolest idea for a blog ever) from the El Rey show:

There are few people
In this world that I love half
As much as this man

And, submitted for your approval. The time: February 1984. The place: Matter magazine. Jonathan Richman interviewed in a small rock and roll magazine, lovingly brought to us by Swan Fungus.

While Richman, with seven LPs under his belt, has managed to build up a fiercely loyal core of fans in the past eight years or so, the larger public has remained ignorant of his uncompromising, highly idiosyncratic work. For many first-time listeners, Richman's unusual vocal style is an obstacle. Some might go so far as to say that the guy can't sing.

"That would make me feel sad inside, " says Richman. "I don't see myself as a talker: I see myself as a singer. A singer sings melodies. A song is something that's gotta be sung. So, I just sing 'em and write 'em."

Read the rest here. (It's a picture scan of the magazine. The rest of the issue is at the earlier link)

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