Wednesday, June 11


photo: VOXPOP

Alexander Miller of VOXPOP (in London, not to be confused with the Vox Pop band in Los Angeles associated with the Rubinoos; Rubinoos have been occasional Modern Lovers, most notably Greg "Curly" Keranen whose bass playing can be heard on Because Her Beauty Is Raw and Wild) sent us the reflective song "In Love with the Modern World" as a tribute to Jonathan Richman, and as a mini history of pop music over the last 50 years. [download mp3]

Loudersoft says this about VOXPOP: They take what’s best about Suede and a number of other great pop and Brit-pop bands and blend them together. You’ve got a bit of Weezer, a bit of Franz Ferdinand, a bit of The Strokes and a dash of Futureheads for good measure. [more] and [more again]

Thanks Alexander!

VOXPOP (MySpace)

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