Saturday, June 21

Make-Out Room Wrapup

Over at MOG, Spencer Owen's published a fine essay on the new album and all four nights at the Make-Out Room. Here, he explains his background as a fan of old-school Jonathan discovering the new solo stuff for the first time:

I wouldn't have gone to every night of this week's S.F. run if it hadn't been for his newest record, Because Her Beauty Is Raw and Wild. I only knew Richman's earliest, snottiest, most classic work with the Modern Lovers, as well as his first two solo records, which are about as silly and poignant as American pop music can get. Nothing had compelled me quite strongly enough to follow through on the rest of his career until I found his latest album at Amoeba and, next thing I knew, it was in my shopping bag. I now couldn't be more glad for the impulse.

Link. Thanks, Spencer!

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