Tuesday, April 22

!!! Jojoblog is 4 Years Old Today !!!

We thought some of you might like to know some of the Jojoblog visitor statistics :

In the first few months Jojoblog had few visitors. By January 2005 visitors were still less than 75 per month

Since then, visitors have been growing month-by-month, especially so during last twelve months (2007), when the blog started regularly receiving over 2,500 visitors each month.

Last month, March 2008, was our highest ever month – with almost 5,500 site visits to the blog (is this due to the coming LP release?)

Jojoblog now receives something like 150 visitors daily

Almost half of these will be from the USA

And 42% are from Europe, but many are also coming from much further afield

Every day people from over 20 countries will be checking into Jojoblog

A typical spread of visitors is shown below (from 3 days ago, on 19th April 2008):
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Argentina, Turkey, Algeria, Netherlands, Slovakia, Australia, Hungary, Switzerland, Japan, Sweden, India, Greece, Denmark, and Italy…

In total Jojoblog has received well over 82,000 visitors - and it's still growing fast!

Visitors up to 20th April 2008 Visitor Percentages by Country

Best wishes to all our contributors and visitors!!! - Here's to the next 12 months!!

Note from rb: tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis

These words were the first post on Jojoblog four years ago today. Thank you, everyone, for (unofficially) having a party with Jonathan Richman!

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