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MARGARET DOLL RODS new CD demolition cramps jon spencer

You're gonna think that this post is off topic, but I've always thought of Margaret as a kind of female Jonathan Richman : same kind of emotion, down to earth person, always giving their best even if the public is limited to a few persons, not desillusioned by a certain lack of success. To resume in three words, Margaret & Jojo are beautiful human beings.

Margaret Doll Rod just issued her new (and second) album, called "Scintillating", which I think must be liked a lot by Jojo fans. The album also should be better distributed, so spread the word.

I interview her about her album and introduced the interview with two questions about Jonathan (and Hasil Akins whose some of you are fond of, and all should be !).

Patrick : Margaret, I remember you once told me that the artists that inspired you the most are Hasil Adkins (RIP) and Jonathan Richman. What can you tell us about them.

Margaret : I can't tell you a whole lot about Jonathan Richman, because I have never met him. I do however love dancin my booty off at his shows. Hazil Adkins on the other hand was one of the sweetest and kindest crazy men I ever met. We'd talk for hours on the telephone and see who could holler the loudest, and laugh our butts off. When we met he always treated me like a little girl swinging me around and then ask me sumthin kind of sexy. Like do you wanna hunch. He made me cassettes of songs he would like to hear me cover, but I never did. I just liked listening to Hazil. He would tell me about my picture that he had up on the wall, and well I don't eat no more hot dogs.

P :Have you ever thought of covering a Jonathan Richman's song ? Which one ?

M : I never thought to cover a Jonathan Richman song, crazy thing is I rarely even think

I am super successful, because I live the life I love and I love the life I live, says Margaret

The rest of the interview will be here soon :

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