Sunday, March 9

wandering all over Boston town

to the Middle East (actually in Cambridge, Massachusetts)

  • Richman’s airy, intimate performance personified whimsy that doubles as art. During fan favorites including “Pablo Picasso,” “Girl Friend” and “Give Paris One More Chance,” he sang in English, Spanish, French and Italian, often translating as he went along. He named-checked Picasso, Cezanne and Vermeer, the MFA, BU girls and at least three current and former Boston pizza joints. And he did it all with a cheeky-but-genuine joy. [more]

    -- Jed Gottlieb Boston Herald

  • Jonathan Richman's sweet indie-pop tunes are packed with positivity and endearing tales sung in several Romance languages. Vic Chesnutt delivers mesmerizing ballads made of expressionistic lines mired in dark humor. But what a weirdly compelling double bill they made at the Middle East Thursday night. For all their differences, they share common ground, and it's on the quiet fringes of pop music's comfort zone. [more]

    -- Joan Anderson Boston Globe

  • Will at Situationville has a small video of what might be called "The Cell Phone Song" that he made on his cell phone

  • Jere at A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory was there too, on Friday

  • gruebleen has Flickr photos
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