Friday, March 14

Jonathan Richman to Play a Trio of Dates at the Make-Out Room in June

Pollstar just sent me an AutoNotify Update: Jonathan Richman will play three consecutive dates at his beloved hometown club The Make-Out Room, in the heart of the Mission District. Dates are as follows:

  • Tuesday, June 17th, 2008
  • Wednesday, June 18th, 2008
  • Thursday, June 19th, 2008

When Jonathan plays the Make-Out Room, it's always a bit more special than usual. More intimate, more off the cuff, and always full of surprises. He debuts new material here all the time, and half-written songs get filled out right before your eyes. We've seen him bust out the electric guitar (rare in recent years), and he'll often invite fellow San Franciscan Ralph Carney up on stage to provide some brass accompaniment. I will not be missing one second of any of these shows.

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