Wednesday, March 5

Matt Gonzalez in the News

In 2003, Jonathan Richman fought hard for the Matt Gonzalez mayoral campaign. He co-headlined a benefit concert at the Great American Music Hall, he marched in rallies (see photo), and he sang away our collective sorrows at Doc's Clock after Matt's eleventh-hour defeat.

Last week, announcement of Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader's selection of Gonzalez as his running mate rocked (or maybe didn't rock) the political landscape here in San Francisco. With progressives roundly backing Barack Obama, the fear is that Nader and Gonzalez, in their quest to trumpet electoral reform and other issues, could siphon votes needed to ensure a Democratic victory come the general election in November. Progressives must decide between a "symbolic" vote for Nader/Gonzalez, or a vote for the Democrats (and against what they see as the fear, loathing and warmongering that is the John McCain campaign).

The question is, what would Jonathan do? As far as I know, Jonathan is a true progressive's progressive, so it would be interesting to see how he fields this curve ball.

(Photo by Pat Murphy)

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