Friday, November 9

More unreleased Modern Lovers from 1971 and 73

When you think you have absolutely everything ever released by the Modern Lovers, there is something new just lurking around the corner...
We got the 71 Stonehenge Ipswich one month ago and out of the closet comes this other one which could be called "More Songs of Rememberance " as it includes demos from 71 and 73 plus unreleased parts of the Harvard live set already well exploited in the the two Longbranch CDs and in the Precise Modern Lovers one.

There are five demos :

1. Girlfriend (Cale production of April '72 with John Cale on Mellotron, according to Doug C., the expert on Modern Lovers)
2. Modern World (Kim Fowley Sept. 73 session)
3. Ride down on the highway (Fall '71 Intermedia demo.)
4. A Plea For Tenderness (Kim Fowley Sept. 73 session)
5. Hospital (Kim Fowley Sept. 73 session).

then are some missing Harvard mixer songs from 71, existing on bootleg tapes (see Bob's nerdy page) but with a better sound here, also Bob had attributed some of these songs to another gig "Cambridge Boathouse 1973").

Live - Harvard University 1971:
6. She Cracked
7. Astral Plane
8. Someone I Care About
9. Hospital
10. I'm Straight
11. Cambridge Clown
12. Fly Into The Mystery
13. Such Loneliness
14. Womanhood
15. Dignified & Old
16. Unknown Instrumental

As you would have guessed these recordings are available on Dimeadozen.
Question, are there more songs ?