Wednesday, November 7

Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters: Coming Clean

Gods and Monsters in Amsterdam, May 2007: Jerry Harrison, Ernie Brooks, Jason Candler, Billy Ficca, Gary Lucas (Photo by Arjen Veldt)

Psychedelic art-rock guitar virtuoso and man-of-many-hats Gary Lucas has a colorful history (if you don't know it, read about it here). His latest album is Coming Clean with his band Gods and Monsters- which includes former Modern Lovers Ernie Brooks on bass, and Jerry Harrison on keyboards and production duties; along with Billy Ficca (Television) and Jonathan Kane (Swans) on drums. David Johansen drops in to sing a song ("One Man's Meat"), and the CD ends with a tribute to former God and Monster Jeff Buckley ("Mojo Pin" and "Dream of the Wild Horses").

Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters frequently perform at Bowery Poetry Club in New York City. Their recent appearance (2 Nov) was for a special "Day of the Dead" show combining music with surrealistic film. (read more here)

update: nyctaper recorded this show

Gary Lucas

Gods and Monsters: Coming Clean@ MySpace (listen)

Gary Lucas@ MySpace (tour schedule)

Bowery Poetry Club

Gary Lucas: Sounds of the Surreal

Gary Lucas: Monsters from the Id

(Description from YouTube): "Legendary left-field guitarist Lucas" (The Guardian) plays his original solo guitar score for the 1912 Russian silent surrealist classic "The Cameraman's Revenge" (Ladislaw Starewicz), recorded live in Richmond Virginia at the James River Film Festival 3/25/06. Part of his "Sounds of the Surreal" silent film project, which includes original solo guitar scores played live to accompany Rene Clair's "En'Tracte" and Fernand Leger's "Ballet Mecanique".


  1. this sounds a good project BUT on 15th January Cecil Taylor was in Knitting Factory checking out Gary playing and invite him to perform together . Lucas refused  provoking a fairy rhetoric on the maestros end. WHO refuses to play with Cecil Taylor?!. Lucas is just recovering from an accident on which he had broken his elbow.? Taylor settled the project with the band mates of Lucas and special guest Mike Edison and Amiri Baraka!. Launching at Knitting factory WITHOUT Lucas