Friday, October 5

Oslo: That Summer Feeling

from Your Way to Norway:

If you're ever asked to pick between Jonathan Richman playing acoustic guitar and a world-class symphony playing Joseph Brahms, choose Jonathan Richman. I saw both last night, and, while the symphony was enjoyable, Jonathan Richman will surely be one of the highlights of this Norwegian Adventure.

Despite being trapped in an absolutely packed room, with my glasses constantly fogging over due to the heat and humidity, watching Jonathan Richman sing his 'fun' songs in up to five different languages while periodically dancing to a beat provided by his drumming friend, Tommy Larkins, was something I truly enjoyed. Despite being in his 50s, he seemed almost ageless - he has an excited youthful energy that combines with his years of 'life experience' to produce a show that had everyone in the audience listening...
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Thanks Brian!

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