Friday, October 12

Great 71 recordings found

When we thought that all the existing live recordings of the Modern Lovers had been released, a new one just appears...
This is Stonehenge in Ipswich, Ma probably end of 71 beginning of 72 according to its finder, rock archaelogist Doug C. who was kind enough to share this treasure and uploaded it on Dimeadozen. Doug is well known to the members of the old Jonathan list to which he used to be a regular contributor.

This gem consists of a two set gig of the Modern Lovers:
First Set 1. Modern World 2. Ride Down on the Highway 3. Girlfriend 4. She Cracked 5. Womanhood 6. Old World

Second Set 1. Fly Into the Mystery 2. Dignified and Old 3. Pablo Picasso 4. Cambridge Clown 5. Astral Plane 6. Song of Remembrance for Old Girlfriends 7. Such Loneliness 8. I Grew Up in the Suburbs 9. A Plea for Tenderness (incomplete) 10. Roadrunner (cut)

The sound is very good compared to the other early live recordings and there are rare songs here like "Cambridge clown", "Song of remembrance" or totally unknown ones like "I grew up in the suburbs". This last one is another lost Jonathan classic tune, nervous velvet type guitar and landscape lyrics a la roadrunner : "I grew up in the suburbs, lived by the neon lights..".
Jonathan sketched his band on this flyer. Left to right are David Robinson, Jonathan, Ernie Brooks, John Felice and Jerry Harrison

You never heard "Pablo Picasso" delivered this drumming way, in the intro to the song Jonathan says that the drummer is going to switch to guitar, the guitar player to the organ and so on but he will stick to his singing part. "She cracked" seems to have different lyrics at some point.

There must be other sleeping beauties like this one and now we know that we just have to wait to see them getting awakened...

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