Saturday, February 10

Review: Knitting Factory 4 Feb 2007

and then Sunday night I caught Jonathan Richman performing a really strong career-overview of a wonderful set at the Knitting Factory, Jonathan was in superlative form and fine voice (think of it-- David, Lou, Laurie and Jonathan, all in one weekend--now there's a NY minute for ya)...flamenco star [Kiko Veneno] opened in a duo with a another male guitarist and they did a rocking version of Dylan's "Stuck Inside of Mobile (with the Memphis Blues Again)" in Spanish that got a large Spanish youth contingent on their feet...then Jonathan came out with wispy beard and striped tee and danced and rocked and rolled and frolicked and frei-lached acoustically doing Richman classics old and new including "That Summer Feeling", "Egyptian Reggae", "Give Paris One More Chance"-- he even went back to precise Modern Lovers style with a rendition of "Girl Fren", Ernie Brooks was supposed to have made it down but didn't show, too bad for him as he would have loved to see his old bandmate on such a night, went backstage and spoke to Jonathan who spoke not a word back to me or anyone else in the dressingroom but instead scribbled messages to us and mimed to us all to save his voice, he nodded vigorously and happily upon hearing that Gods and Monsters are covering a version of The Modern Lovers' "She Cracked" on our forthcoming live DVD/CD (yes! Jerry Harrison sang it, and is currently mixing it down to 5 point one surround sound in Sausalito--btw, Jerry produced Kenny Wayne Sheperd's new album, which is #1 on the Billboard Blues chart only 10 days out!)...I ran into Steve Paul backstage too, who has this great new website up at,where you can see clips all about his new Puppet Music Hall project, and more cool stuff... another classic night of musical scrapple from the paraphrase Jonathan: Give New York one more chance!

-- Gary Lucas, from New York is Now!

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