Saturday, February 3


Now this is Jonathan Richman, the singer from Boston,
Who wants to tell you where he shops, when he stops, in Austin,
The owner doesn’t know I took this ad out for surprise,
But I want people to know about his store called ECO-WISE.

I saw the store on Congress South, when it was there a spell,
And now it’s on E-liz-a-beth, so can’t be seen so well,
I have them ship stuff to me, tho’ I’m half way cross the nation,
Cause I’d rather buy from the little guy than a monster corporation.

I buy their house paint for my house, ‘cause I don’t want no fumes!
I buy their bedclothes for my bed, don’t want no bad bedrooms!
So try it! So shop there! It’s an ecological store,
And their number is, three two six four-four-seven four!

(An advert posted by Jonathan in the Austin Chronicle, TEXAS - 1999)

Eco-wise's website is here

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