Sunday, October 22

Paris show part 3 (...and I met Jonathan)

I met Jonathan using patience... I had brought a present for Jonathan, a CD copy of the lost and found acetate of the 66 sessions recorded by the Velvet Underground for their first album, the one with the Warhol banana. But first another clip, "Girlfren", the Jonathan magic operates so well there:

I waited outside with lots of people who eventually left one by one. Only a couple of students and the three same giggling girls from the very beginning , the ones carrying the big Warhol banana, remained after a while. We saw the roadies moving the equipment to a van and had been there for another 20 minutes when Tommy came out. I went to meet him and he recognised me. We talked about the show, about Tucson, about common friends and I asked him if there was a chance to meet Jonathan. Tom said that Jonathan having this real problems with his voice does not go to speak with people on this tour. So I handed him the Velvet Underground CDr and explained him what it was about. I asked him to give it to Jonathan..he agreed and said this was a very interesting item which they would listen to very seriously. Then Tom told me he had to go to look for the cab he had ordered for him and Jonathan. At that moment Jonathan came out and the giggling girls went to him wanting to take pictures, which Jonathan kindly agreed to do..

I went by and could hardly hear him , he was kinda whispering, "sorry no voice anymore".. Tommy came back saying the cab was waiting, I met Jonathan then he greeted me and I walked with him towards the cab, I told him about the VU CD and he stopped walking, put his guitar case on the ground and shook my hand very warmly saying "merci, merci beaucoup, you cannot imagine how I am going to enjoy this, this is incredible". The smile he had on his face , his radiating eyes definitively made my day. We resumed our walking to the cab and after having thanked me again asked Tommy about the CDr which the drummer was still clutching as the Holy Grail..

Jonathan left me after having patted me on the shoulder, smiling..

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