Wednesday, October 18

Paris show (17/10/06) setlist

Full report plus pictures and video clips will be added in the following days.

Just some comments, it was a very good and lively show, Jonathan being in great shape except fo his voice at the end of the concert. When I met him later, he could only whisper...

The concert lasted 75 minutes , one encore. here is the list of the songs we heard, order not guaranteed, I was happy to hear so many old Modern Lovers tunes.

Celestial -new song-
Her mystery not of high heels...
Una novia
Les Etoiles
Springtime in NY
-new song in French-
Old world
Egyptian reggae
Lesbian bar
The whorehouse song in Spanish
Le tourbillon de poussiere
-new song in French-
No gazoline reggae
-new song-
In che mondo viviamo
Partners in crime
-new song-
Pablo Picasso
Let her go into darkness

Encore : My baby loves me

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