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Jonathan Richman at Revenge of the Book Eaters benefit, 28 Aug 06
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The Revenge of the Book Eaters tour is a series of benefits for the 826 Writing Centers across the USA, where volunteers help young people with their writing skills:

826 National FAQ and Application

David Byrne participated in the Revenge of the Book Eaters benefit concert in NYC Wednesday night. Read more about it in his journal:

David Byrne Journal

Jonathan Richman will be performing in the Revenge of the Book Eaters show in San Francisco tomorrow night (sold out).

See the Revenge of the Book Eaters tour info here. There's still time to make plans to go to the Bumbershoot show in Seattle and the final stop this year in Ann Arbor; Jonathan may not be scheduled to perform but it's a worthy cause that promises a good time.

Dave Eggers, the founder of McSweeney's and the 826 Writing Centers, explains what happens at the centers:

The kids are all over the map, age-wise, and in terms of their needs, and that makes it really different every day. Our days are strange sometimes, where we're doing a field trip with first graders in the morning — they play in the pirate store and we tell them stories in costume (usually this guy Ian dressed up as a pirate), and then they put together a booklet relating to their curriculum — and in the afternoon we've got drop-ins working on papers, and right after that our classes start. So we start with twenty 6- and 7-year-olds trying to find out if Ian's real, asking where his treasure is, pulling on his eyepatch, all that, and we end with fifteen 12-year-olds learning advanced comic-making techniques. It's a strange place sometimes, but we knew it would have to be strange, to be a place kids would come on their own.

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