Thursday, August 31

Bob Dylan says Jonathan Richman is America's Bertolt Brecht

Bob Dylan hosts a radio show on XM called Theme Time Radio Hour. Yesterday's show (30 August) was themed Radio, and Dylan paired The Modern Lovers and "Roadrunner" with this poem by Bertolt Brecht:

Radio Poem

You little box, held to me escaping
So that your valves should not break
Carried from house to house to ship from sail to train,
So that my enemies might all address me,
Near my bed, to my pain
The last thing at night, the first thing in the morning,
Of their victories and of my cares,
Promise me not to go silent all of a sudden.

-- Bertolt Brecht

XM Satellite Radio with host Bob Dylan

You can listen to the show on AOL, which is also streaming Bob Dylan's new CD Modern Times in its entirety

playlist for 30 August 2006 Theme Time Radio Hour

Thanks to Eamonn for this

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