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vintage 1996

From: Jonathan M
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996
Subject: Jojo & Neil

A few folks have been pondering the unlikely association between Jonathan Richman and Neil Young. Consider the following.

Both came to fame as members of groups, Buffalo Springfield , The Modern Lovers, before embarking on solo careers.

Early collaborators have gone on to the big-time: Stephen Stills, Jim Messina, Nils Lofgren, Rick James (pre-fame "The Mynah Birds") with Neil; Jerry Harrison, David Robinson with Jonathan.

Both have crossed musical genres, sometimes infuriating their own fans. Neil has released rock, country, blues, rockabilly, grunge & technopop albums. Jonathan has been a punk influence, recorded a country record and been influenced by musical forms as varied as surf, children's music, and foreign language ballads.

Both play either acoustic ('unplugged' if you prefer) or electric shows.

"Roadrunner" was performed by the Sex Pistols. Johnny Rotten has been mentioned in a Neil Young song.

Both have performed unaccompanied and with a band.

Both have said they do not do drugs.

Unlike many bandleaders, they both play lead guitar.

Both have had label problems. Jonathan had his well-known run-in with Warner Brothers early on, and has had trouble finding a label. Neil has been sued by his record company.

In the spirit of a recent request for a little controversy, I will mention that Jonathan & Neil both took stands on Ronald Reagan's Central American policy. Jojo against & Neil (this may surprise you) in favor.

Forgetting the above factoids, both have produced great original music without bending to the music industry's trends of the moment.

-- Jonathan M

Note: This is a vintage post from the old list.

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