Sunday, December 4

Christmas with John and Jonathan

John Waters by Greg Gorman
John Waters portrait by Greg Gorman

The Fillmore (San Francisco) Wednesday, 14 December

Rio Theatre (Santa Cruz) Thursday, 15 December

this blurb from Rio Theatre:

a John Waters Christmas LIVE!
featuring special guest Jonathan Richman

Legendary filmmaker John Waters (“Pink Flamingos””Hairspray””Serial Mom”) performs a very developed one-man show at festivals, universities, and clubs across the world and has since the 1970’s. In it, he details his groundbreaking career in a rapid-fire stand-up comedy format (akin to high-brow comics and monologists such as Spalding Gray, Janeane Garofalo, and Margaret Cho) plus conducts a Q & A afterwards. He is also available for special VIP meet-and-greet sessions beforehand.

The show has played to sold-out audiences in Boston, San Francisco, Tucson, Pittsburgh, and beyond.

As a director, actor (he is featured in the new Halloween “Chuckie” horror film), graphic artist with showings at galleries across the country, creator of the wildly successful Broadway musical “Hairspray”, Gay/Lesbian role-model, author of numerous books, and even his being immortalized as a character on “The Simpsons”-- not to mention being the man who catapulted Johnny Depp from pin-up idol to critical acclaim-- Mr. Waters is a renaissance man of almost unprecedented cultural influence.

Jonathan Richman has been writing songs, making records and performing live for most of his life, winning fans and making friends around the world with his guileless honesty and playfully catchy compositions. He's revered by countless fellow artists, and has built a remarkably loyal international audience through his tireless touring. His deceptively straightforward songs embody timeless qualities of humanity, optimism, emotional insight and a boundless sense of humor, untainted by cynicism or transient notions of hipness.

Jonathan will play solo this evening.


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