Wednesday, November 2

love that dirty water*

I know this is a little late but I wanted to point you to Modern Kicks again to listen to songs by some Bostonians, Willie Alexander and The Lyres. MK, besides being in the teensy state of Rhode Island, and in the ultra-cool town of Providence, likes all the things we like, including art and philosophy, food and poetry, cats and New England, music and beer.

Our very own Jacques has been assembling a fine series on The Bostonians. If you're new to Jojoblog, or want to read them again, here they are:

The Bostonians #1: Willie "loco" Alexander

The Bostonians #2: Jeff Conolly (The Lyres)

The Bostonians #3: Alex Piandes

The Bostonians #4: Brett Milano

The Bostonians #5: Blowfish

The Bostonians #6: Bob Colby

Jacques' remarkable Modern Lovers Tree traces the relationships between the Bostonians and the Modern Lovers:


PS. Buena Día de los Muertos

(link via Five Branch Tree)

*Dirty Water Lyrics

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