Sunday, November 21

Jon Richman part 7

Jonathan listens mostly to folkies now; Jim Post, a Chicago songwriter who co-wrote "Reach Out in the Darkness" and a couple of other hits, Steve Forbert, NRBQ and the Nee Ningy Band, a local group.

I suggest that perhaps the success of Forbert, Ricki Lee Jones and Dire Straits means there's an audience which is getting tired of bands that scream, "Awright, rock and roll."

"I think you hit the nail on the head," Jonathan agrees. "When you boil it right down, to scream 'rock and roll' and to play rock and roll aren't quite the same thing. When it gets awful noisy I question how much people are playing rock and roll. The '50s stuff had a groove to it; they didn't have to overdo anything. The more heavy-handed things get, the less that original groove is there. That's why I like the '50s stuff best. They didn't have to try so hard. It was right there in the beat."

Like the line from "Party in the Woods," "Let's get on the floor, let's bump-rock some more."

"That's right," Jonathan says, "that's what I want. I stole that line from Elvis. 'Let's get on the floor, let's rock some more, let's have a party tonight.' " He laughs. "It's a direct lift. I never try to avoid it. I'd gladly pay the money if it's a matter of copyright. I just want to hear what sounds best to me."

to be continued

by Bill Flanagan Trouser Press November 1979

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