Sunday, September 12

vintage 2000

From: Ken
Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2000
Subject: Re: Jojo Digest V1 #870

> wasn't there talk a while back about our boy doing a soundtrack for a
> small indy film a while back? It seemed like the timing was a few months
> after "Mary"
> I have been looking to see if this movie ever surfaced.
> any info would be appreciated.
> Jeff

It's A Sign From God. A quiet, charming film about an irritating loser who thinks that every time bad things happen due to his own irresponsible nature (which is often) it's a sign from God that something good is going to happen soon. Jonathan's largely improvisational soundtrack adds up to about an hour's worth of neat guitar and keyboard noodling, which nicely fits with the film. Coincidentally enough, one reader here should be finding a long- promised video copy of this film in their mailbox about now.

No idea if it will be commercially available any time soon. Check the IMDB now that you know the title. (I gotta run, my band is playing a Monkees Hoot Night in about half an hour...)

-- Ken

Note: This is a vintage post from the old list.

-- rb

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