Saturday, August 28

Not So Much to be Loved as to Love

The cover of Jonathan's new release, Not So Much to be Loved as to Love, is an intriguing silhouette of a woman kissing a dog at sunset. My first reaction to the songs inside was a bit muted. As has been the case on several Jonathan discs, the foreign language songs are the most instantly striking. Much of the rest seems to coast along on a mid-tempo shuffle with lyrics that don't seem to have been fleshed out. "Salvador Dali" is the weakest, by far, of the great painters series but also included is a fine version of "Vincent Van Gogh" complete with some new lyrics and a plaintive guitar. It took me a while to discover that the finest number is the final cut, an unlisted bonus track (#15) which is a softer version of the title cut. Stripped of extraneous noise, this song seems to some up Jonathan's career quite well and ranks as his strongest number of the new millenium.

-- Adam

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