Friday, August 27


[On 15 August] DKT-MC5 played at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. They are 3 original members of the MC5 (Michael Davis, Wayne Kramer and Dennis 'machine gun' Thompson) with Nick Royale of Hellacopters on gtr, Mark Arm of Mudhoney vocals and Johnny Walker of the Soledad Brothers vocals. They were brilliant! Played their greatest hits + a Ray Charles tribute. If you can see them (now in England) don't hesitate.

... they were really rocking! Mark Arm sang most of the songs and made a very good job of it. Nick Royale played perfect. Johnny Walker sang a few songs and played some harp, not bad either. And don't think DKT can't play their instruments anymore ... Although the show did not sell out (it was not cheap and there was a big festival at the same time elsewhere) the audience liked it a lot. After the show a lot of t-shirts were sold and I got mine signed by D, K,T and Mark Arm and they were very friendly towards the fans. The opener by the way was none other than John Sinclair with a bunch of dutch blues musicians. This sounded very dated but it was fun to see and hear John Sinclair making up texts of his old ideals on the spot(at least that is what I think). He played because The Icarus Line who were billed as opener cancelled their european tour.

-- Sjoerd

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