Friday, July 2

Hello Moon Lovers!!!

Yes, it's Malary Moon, your celestial guide through the months. Thought you were retaining water? Getting a little snippy at little yippee? Well ... chances are, it was the TIDES of this special BLUE MOON MONTH (to later be elaborated on ... Blue Moon's the NEXT one in July!)

BUT ... THIS full moon is on Friday, July 2nd at 7:09 am ET. And it's the moon where buck deer start growing Antlers! How kewl is that? And if you've ever seen two buck deer with antlers go at it, like head to head, (antlers to antlers) it is not really a pretty sight. So ... it's time for the BUCKS to do their thing! Don't get in the way ... (ouch) but let them do their thing, and well, tell me AWL about it!! And oh yes, IF the spirit hits ya, and the neighbors won't call the police, run around a bit BUCK naked in the full moon. Good for your overall body complexion! :) HOWLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!

Malary Moon ...

Who will be talking to you BEFORE next month when ... "there's a Blue Moon on the rise!"

I've seen babies dancing in the midnight sun ...
... but I never seen nothin' like you!

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