Monday, July 26

Announcement: New Jonathan Richman Forum

 I've been working on a new website for a while now - it's an offshoot from the Jonathan discography site that most of you will be familiar with.  Most of the Jonathan info has been migrated already but the full service is still being programmed and is probably about a month away.  Part of the plan was the provision of a forum.

I've also closed the rather sleepy forum at and imported all the users and messages from that board to this new one.  So, in response to the sudden closing of the JoJo mailing list I have brought the launching of the forum forward a month or so and I hereby turn it over to the ex-mailing list members for you use and abuse. It's not a mailing list but I hope that it's somewhere where a large number of people can meet peacefully without the need for moderation.

If anyone wants an email list just for Jonathan stuff then I would suggest the Rocking Leprechauns over at Yahoo. It's already running and is established - however, try to limit the discussions just to Jonathan related topics.

If enough of us feel to set up another email list then why not use - it seems to work fine for the Ben Folds list that I'm also subscribed to. I'm happy to organise this but is this what is wanted.  If we do decide to go down this path can I suggest that at least 3 people are nominated as administrators, and that our little community decide who they are rather than having one person who can turn us off and on at will.  Well that's my 2 cents worth - feel free to come to the forums and make them your own. If they become our new home then great - if not we can discuss what to do next.


Jonathan Richman Forum at Discography Network

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  1. Jojo singing [about] "London" at Bush Hall London, England 29 February 2012 - is this totally ad-libbed or what?