Wednesday, June 2


June itself is a VERY POWERFUL Month.
The FULL "Strawberry" Moon comes -- 20 minutes into June 3rd, EDT! So stay awake the night of the 2nd to catch this event 20 minutes after midnight. Or lay in bed and notice your sudden craving for STRAWBERRIES! DREAM ABOUT STRAWBERRIES! June has always been the best month to harvest these delicacies. Dip them in chocolate, whipped cream, add them to a blender drink, and remember to THANK the MOON as you taste away and say "ahhh ... it doesn't get any better than this!" Notice all the Strawberry Festivals going on around your town!

And what else about June?
SUMMER begins with the solstice on the 20th at 8:57 pm, EDT.
But that SUMMER FEELING should kick in before that ... with the first STRAWBERRY you eat this month! Here's an EASTERN time chart that can guide you through the month. Each phase causes different effects ... keep a journal! Share it with me! Share it with Jojoblog, the JOJO-list, the Rockin Leprechauns -- just don't keep moon feelings inside or... who knows what could happen! Tell your cat if you must. Tell the purple haired lady at Krogers. He/she is going through similar changes.

Full Moon: 3rd day, 0 hour, 20th minute
Last Quarter: 9th day, 16th hour, 2nd minute
New Moon: 17th day, 16th hour, 27th minute
First Quarter: 25th day, 15th hour, 8th minute.

So that covers June Moon, but a peek at what exciting news is in store for July! an on topic: BLUE MOON!! (using the definition of "two full moons in one Month")

Just to give you a peek ahead to jot in your calendars, the first full moon in July will be July 2nd at 11:09 (military Eastern time), and then the BLUE MOON in July will be right at the end ... July 31st at 18:05 (military Eastern time)... Of course each of these moons has a meaning and special effects attached, but you'll have to wait until next month's column to learn about that!

HOWL AWAY TOMORROW NIGHT, and tell me awl about it!

Andy are you goofing on Elvis? Are you having fun? :)



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