Saturday, June 12

Jon Richman part 4

Leroy Radcliffe acknowledges that some people are put off by that. "Really put off -- almost insulted," the guitarist says. "Like it's insulting to their intelligence. I understand that. I'm not blind to it. I can step aside from my understanding and love for Jonathan and see that point of view. If I'm gonna be seriously analyzing music all my life instead of enjoying it -- picking apart Joni Mitchell and being intellectual all the time -- if I wanted to do that I would be aghast at some things. But it's the '80s, y'know? It's not the '60s anymore."

Jerry Harrison says that he heard one of the recent Modern Lovers albums while in Europe with Talking Heads: "I heard the album with 'Egyptian Reggae' and I liked the instrumentals. But I felt his songwriting was going through this awfully cute stage. I thought he'd be perfect for Misterogers."

Is it an effort for Richman to shake off 15 years of inhibitions?

"I'm still gettin' freer," he says seriously. "I'm gettin' younger all the time."

to be continued

by Bill Flanagan Trouser Press November1979

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