Saturday, January 9


From the album Think About Mustapha, APC records 1994. Produced by Brennan Totten.


  1. I know this is a long shot, but I would just like you to thank Jonathan for me. His music has helped me more than anything in this world. He inspires me to continue to write and knowing that he always stayed completely true to himself and never gave into temptation during a time of heavy drug use, got me through my drug addiction. Whenever my anxiety gets bad or I'm upset I can play anyone of his songs and calm down. I want him to know that I appreciate his soul.

    I wrote this for Jonathan.

    I'm Not Who I Was

    Growing up I was full of anger`
    To everyone including my self I was danger
    My dial was set to 11 I just had to go, go go
    The world around me was too slow
    Self destruction was my best friend
    Waiting for my world to come to an end

    As I grew and experienced real life
    No longer I needed to live by the knife
    I wanted to care and give affection
    Seeking a deeper kind of connection
    Learning it's not so much to be loved as to love
    Falling in love with the sky above

    I always took myself too serious
    Staying up worrying until I was delirious
    It took so long to learn there's bigger things than myself
    Finally took off my ego and put it on a shelf
    I was a person spiraling outta control
    Now I'm in love with the human soul

    Used to go out and look for a fight
    I would always stay out all night
    Now I wish harm upon none
    Let myself relax and have some fun
    No longer did I want to yell and scream
    I didn't need to be apart of any scene

    Spent a while only feeling down
    Never would I smile I wore a constant frown
    I cared too much about things that needed to be let go
    The best decision I ever made was te let myself grow
    Now instead of wanting to start a riot
    I just want alittle peace and quiet

  2. This is a cover of Jojo's Summer Feeling by my good friend Max.
    Please leave a comment and a like, it will make the poor bastard happy. :)