Wednesday, December 16

On the Rareness of 'It's Time For'

While I wasn't looking, It's Time for Jonathan Richman, has turned into the most rare Jonathan Richman LP.

It is selling for high of $88 on the CD, and $60 on the vinyl. It was released on the British Portobello Road edgy punk label Rough Trade, apparently not very well because they didn't print enough copies.
The CD is supposed to be extremely rare but it was the first CD that I ever bought, before even owning a CD player.  The vinyl was released in nine countries, including Brazil and Greece.  The CD was only released in the USA.

It is certainly one of Jonathan's better albums.  My favorite track is probably "Corner Store".  That, along with "Neon Sign" and "Ancient Long Ago" definitely suggests that Jonathan is in a heavy-duty recherche au temps perdu mode (although that mode is present from "Old World" up through today's "They Showed Me the Door to Bohemia").

Here's all the nerdy details of the release:


  1. I picked up a mint copy on cd from Ebay a few months ago for only $35.

  2. I didn't realise it had ever been released on CD! I was lucky enough to find a reasonably priced second hand vinyl copy somewhere along the line. I'm afraid I'd put it in the bottom half of his albums despite the magnificent "Ancient Long Ago".

  3. I love that one! Especially "Double Chocolate Malted " and "Just About Seventeen." I found a download of it on some blog a few years back.

  4. Wow, had no idea. Also one of my faves. Didnt think CDs had any collectors value? I bought the cd used for a few bucks late '80s. Hope I still have it...