Sunday, July 20

One Kind Of Cheese And One Kind Only

After 8 years of working at San Francisco's Rainbow Grocery Co-op Cheese Department, this guy finally had himself a Jonathan encounter. Apparently, Jonathan frequents the store and is unsurprisingly a creature of habit when it comes to his cheese.

Here is Andreas's breathlessly cute story, courtesy of


  1. Is next step gonna be lurking into Jonathan's garbage?
    Just joking, just reminded me about the Cramps freaking out after someone looks in their garbage and asking LOTC fan club to stop immediatly.

  2. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Wasn't Jonathan vegan?
    Did Jonathan switch from rice and beans to feta?
    Or is this a fake article, and a Rainbow Grocery/ Redwood Hill Raw Goat Feta spam?
    If it is not fake and not spam, it is freaking me out, posting about Jonathan's shopping habits.