Tuesday, June 24

An interview of Ernie Brooks

For all Modern Lovers fans, you can find a detailed interview of Ernie Brooks by Legs Mc Neil (co-author of the celebrated "Please Kill me" book) by clicking here


  1. The older I get, the less I recommend reading about music, especially how the music was made and what the artist was supposedly thinking when he/she made it. (Don't spoil it for yourself!").

    That being said, I took a peek at this Ernie Brooks/Legs McNeil piece about. And ever at the ready to wash my eyes out with bleach if I saw something I did not want to know, .. I thought it was pretty good.

    Our experience of the first modern lovers album was "off" anyway because it was rushed out several years after the fact by Matthew King Kaufman to sort of cash in on his new-signed act. It never made any sense, being released in the same year as "Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers". So a little bit of "intel" on that anomaly is probably useful.

    For the record, I love both of the "first two" albums and could no more choose between them than I could choose between one of my children. But they (like my children) are very very different "beasts".