Wednesday, October 16

Late 1979 Gold Star Demos

Hello Everyone, Blog's been pretty quiet lately...thought I would share another super rare (but super awesome!) rare recording. If you haven't heard the 1979 Gold Star Demo's you are probably about to hear a side of Jojo that will be new to you! It's only a couple songs, but it's fascinating. Check this out: Gold Star Demos Does anyone have any info about this recording? Lots of mystery surrounding it...


  1. Awsome!
    Thanx Nugrape

  2. These might be the so-called "Phil Spector sessions." When Jonathan was visiting me in Istanbul about 9 years ago, I asked him about these sessions, which were fantastic. He told me that he had never worked with Spector. When I told Jonathan that cassettes of these sessions had been sold for chump change out of the trunk of a car by (okay-- I am not gonna mention the guy's name but anyone familiar with this blog certainly knows his name), he said: "That's not very nice.
    I lost the cassette long ago, but it was fabulous.

  3. Many Thanks Mr Nugrape! One can never tire of these kinda recordings! I'm not a religious man, but I pray Jonathan will catch a little aeroplane to Australia soon!

  4. Cheers for this Mr Nugrape! One can never tire of hearing this kinda stuff! I just wish Jonathan would catch a little aeroplane to Australia one day soon!