Friday, September 14

I don't do concerts–I do dance parties–that's all I do...

AMSTERDAM 16 August 2012


Now we've got a little bit of ambi-ence, a little bit of at-mo-sphere

These nice videos from YouTube videographers rialto1961 and feelyourselffree should have you dancing or at least keeping the beat wherever you may be! A particularly lovely performance...

JONATHAN RICHMAN on air-conditioning via

rialto1961: Jonathan explains why the AC interferes with the sound but, because people are nearly fainting, he allows the AC to be put on again. Live at Bitterzoet, Amsterdam, 16-8-2012

JONATHAN RICHMAN live @ Bitterzoet part 1 via

rialto1961: Jojo live at Bitterzoet, Amstrerdam, 16-8-2012. Starting the show with EGYPTIAN REGGAE, LET HER GO INTO THE DARKNESS, HER MYSTERY NOT OF HIGH HEELS

JONATHAN RICHMAN live @ Bitterzoet part 2 via

rialto1961: Jonathan Richman and Tommy Larkins at Bitterzoet, AMSTERDAM, 16-8-2012 playing a new song BOHEMIA

JONATHAN RICHMAN live @ Bitterzoet part 3 via

rialto1961: Jonathan live at Bitterzoet, AMSTERDAM, 16-8-2012 doing a new song presumably called HE GAVE US THE WINE TO TASTE IT, NOT TO DISCUSS IT !

Jonathan Richman at Bitterzoet Amsterdam 16th aug 2012 via

feelyourselffree: Jonathan is more than just his music, it is also about his humor, his mimic and his dancing!

Because Her Beauty is Raw and Wild
I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar

JONATHAN RICHMAN live @ Bitterzoet part 4 via

rialto1961: Jonathan Richman, truly one of a at Bitterzoet, AMSTERDAM, 16-8-2012, performing WHEN WE REFUSE TO SUFFER, NO ONE WAS LIKE VERMEER, NOT SO MUCH TO BE LOVED (end of show, no encore)

Many thanks to Sarah Wooten!

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