Wednesday, April 18

London show review in Uncut mag, May 2012


  1. Interesting review because, for once, the journalist goes beyond the usual cliches and gives a good analysis of Jonathan's rapport with his audience.
    And now for a real treat : The French National Institute for the Audiovisual has just made available a live performance by Jonathan given at The Paris Théâtre de L'Empire (where Maurice Chevalier has often sung) for Antoine de Caunes' Chorus TV show on April 4th 1979.
    What you get is 12 minutes of solo Jonathan performing "Crazy Eddy", "Crazy little mamma", "Back in your life", "Abominable snowman" and "Rock and roll".
    They sell the file (without DRM) for 0,99 € but it's worth it, believe me !
    Either I missed this program at the time, or I saw it and promptly forgot all about it because I was not yet interested in Jonathan's music at the time...