Friday, March 30

European tour, Paris gig - part #1

Jonathan played on March 29 in Paris at la Flèche d'or (the Golden Arrow), a former train station revamped as a club.
Here are my impressions on a show which was very well attended, the place was packed and the audience warmly interacting with Jonathan (considering he had asked for the air Conditioning to be shut off, the atmosphere was already quite hot before the first song !!)

Around 7 pm, I emerged from the metro station in Paris 2oth district where the venue is located. I had still a 20 minutes walk to reach my destination and half way through I figure out a familiar character coming in my direction. It is Tommy who recognizes me as well and welcomes me. We shake hands and Tommy tells me no to miss the opening act. I have seen on the program that it is Warren Ellis, a member of the Bad Seeds and Nick Cave partner in crime. I ask Tommy if Warren is playing Bad Seeds type of music. "No, he replies, definitely not..." Kay... I leave Tommy to his walk and eventually find myself in front of the place. The gates will open in 5 minutes and I am intrigued by Warren Ellis. I was expecting some kind of dark poetry rock, boy was I wrong !! .. (to be continued)