Monday, February 27

Qui té por de Jonathan Richman? (1986)

Jonathan Richman live 84 Part 1 via bekfreak247

Directed by Manuel Huerga for television series Arsenal episode 24 and aired 28 April 1986 in Spain (Televisió de Catalunya TV3)

Jonathan Richman performs in a rousing show with Modern Lovers Brennan Totten and Andy Paley; also a saxophone, a stripey shirt (open!) and extemporizing in an argyle sweater

Part 1:

Ice Cream Man
This Kind of Music
Wipe Out
I'm a Little Dinosaur

Jonathan Richman live 84 Part 2 via bekfreak247

Part 2:

La Bamba
Rockin' Rockin' Leprechauns
The Beach
The UFO Man
Let's Take a Trip
Vincent Van Gogh
Give Paris One More Chance
Chewing Gum Wrapper
That Summer Feeling