Friday, October 28

Update 2016: The old has been merged with

Hello Jonathan Richmanians,

If you are interested in learning more about Jonathan here is a site that me and a buddy made:

We took the text on Bob's Nerdy Webpage and put it in a database and wrote a webpage interface to it.

For example...did you know that three songs off of "Rockin' and Romance" were first played in the 70's? You can search things like that by going to the songs list.

Or...did you know that the last year "Affection" was played regularly was 1988?

Of course I don't stand for things like ad's or anything to do with $, so feel free to click anywhere.

Finally...Thanks to Bob for having the original site with an incredible amount of data to use!


  1. That's really cool Nugrape! Thanks for doing all that work! And as always, big thanks to Bob for being so wonderful!

  2. Excellent work! A lot of information, and very easy to look up. Thanks Nugrape! And also thanks to Bob, and specially to all the tapers.