Thursday, September 1

our time is now


Jonathan had such a voice, such a way round a low key melody and turn of emotive phrase. When he sang, it seemed like you could hear the tinkle of magic from somewhere outside the grimy windows and grey skies, the promise that not all pop stars were arrogant, self-loving bores. When he sang, it suddenly made it OK to be male and sensitive. It was fine to find beauty in the insignificant details.

Music critic Everett True on Collapse Board with a collection of his writings on Jonathan Richman:

Read Jonathan Richman | COLLAPSE

Everett True has posted a lovely early demo of Jonathan Richman's 'Morning Of Our Lives' here:

Listen to 'Morning of Our Lives'

Ramon's Morning of Our Lives page


  1. That recording of Morning of our Lives is so, so good. It reminds me exactly why I love Jonathan. Many thanks for the link.


  2. Thank you so much for highlighting this special song.
    In fact, this song might be the most important song to me ever (but of course I could say that about dozens of JR's songs!)

    This song truly exibits many of the characteristics that make Jonathan special. Timeless.

    My sis is getting married in Oct. and this song was one of the first to make the list of songs to be played.

    We should have posts highlighting other great JR songs. Like a series.

  3. I wonder if that's an early demo of Morning of our Lives or a later, ultimately unused "Jonathan Sings" era demo.