Friday, July 22

Jonathan at the Make Out Room

Hello Jojo-ians,

Checkout our hero playing some cool covers at the Makeout Room (in San Francisco) on July 13:

He plays Day-O (Trad. Jamaican Song), Chain Gang (Sam Cooke), and I Was Dancin' in the Lesbian Bar

Thank you Sarah, Alberto, and Jerry for pointing me to this video!


  1. My sister and I wanted to visit family out in SF and luckily were able to time it perfectly!
    Saw this show and the next night. Both were fabulous. I wish I could give you a run down of the set list for each night, but I just get too lost in the wonderful-ness to keep track during the show.

    Jonathan was delightful, as always. Really encouraging us to dance, clap and have a great time, I know we were happy to oblige. :)


  2. Did Jojo mention anything about Amy Winehouse dying? I expect not. But I always thought she ripped "Double Chocolate Malted" for "(Don't Wanna Go To) Rehab"