Wednesday, December 29

Happy Holidays! Rudolph! 2011 Tour Dates!

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Jonathan Richman Make-Out Room San Francisco September 2009

Hope everyone is safe and warm and merry and bright.....

A Merry Crew of Jonathan Richman, Mark Eitzel, and Carletta Sue Kay sing for the Boozy at the Make-Out Room's Christmas Craptacular (link)

Listen to Rudolph (mp3 via Bob)


2011 Tour Dates!

Mon 7 Feb Albuquerque NM (Launchpad)
Tue 8 Feb Marfa TX (Marfa Book Company)
Wed 9 Feb Austin TX (Hole in the Wall)
Thu 10 Feb Austin TX (Hole in the Wall)
Fri 11 Feb Austin TX (Continental Club)
Sat 12 Feb Austin TX (Continental Club)
Sun 13 Feb Denton TX (Rubber Gloves)
Tue 15 Feb Springfield MO (Outland Ballroom)
Wed 16 Feb St. Louis MO (Off Broadway)
Thu 17 Feb Huntsville AL (Flying Monkey Arts Center)
Fri 18 Feb Atlanta GA (Highland Inn)
Sat 19 Feb Atlanta GA (Highland Inn)
Sun 20 Feb Tallahassee FL (Club Downunder)
Tue 22 Feb Gainesville FL (Common Grounds)
Thu 24 Feb Asheville NC (Grey Eagle)
Fri 25 Feb Chapel Hill NC (Local 506)
Sat 26 Feb Washington DC (9:30 Club)
Sun 27 Feb Baltimore MD (The 8X10)
Tue 01 Mar Philadelphia PA (First Unitarian Church)
Wed 02 Mar Northampton MA (Pearl Street Nightclub)
Thu 03 Mar Somerville MA (Somerville Theatre)
Fri 04 Mar Rochester NY (Bug Jar)
Sat 05 Mar Buffalo NY (Mohawk Place)
Sun 06 Mar Cleveland OH (Beachland Ballroom)
Tue 08 Mar Pittsburgh PA (Mr. Small's Theatre)
Wed 09 Mar Newport KY (Southgate House)
Thu 10 Mar Ferndale MI (Magic Bag)
Fri 11 Mar Chicago IL (Metro)

Confirm with venue before making travel plans


  1. Anonymous4:21 PM


    I bought my tickets to the St. Louis show the second I found out, and am just now finding out about the Springfield show. Does anyone know where I can buy tickets to the Springfield show? They have no website, their facebook page says nothing, and the link provided here does not work for me. Thanks.


  2. Most of these shows don't have tickets available yet Jordan. Perhaps you could call the venue directly and ask about it? Just a suggestion! Good luck!

    Copied from the web page linked to above:

    The Outland Ballroom

    326 South Ave
    Springfield, MO 65806-2124
    United States
    Tel: (417) 869-7625

  3. Everyone: A search for tickets reveals lots and lots of USA ticket resellers charging (exploiting) as much as $200-$300+ each for tickets this tour. I can't speak personally for Jonathan Richman, but everything I know about him suggests he would hate this practice. Please avoid ticket scalpers if you can. Contact venues directly and only buy tickets from authorized sources.

  4. The sidebar to the right with tour dates now has ticket information where known.

  5. Can't wait!
    Thanks for the info

  6. OMG I need to see him again so badly. It's been forever. I have to wait for the west coast tour, methinks.

  7. Austin 12th February

    1 - Because Her Beauty Is Raw And Wild
    2 - No One Was Like Vermeer
    3 - Let Her Go Into The Darkness
    4 - The World Is Showing Its Hand
    5 - Egyptian Reggae
    6 - These Bodies That Came To Covert
    7 - Pablo Picasso
    8 - -My Baby Love Love Loves Me - Checkmate Unlimited - I don't want to be loved
    9 - Sa Voix M'atisse
    10 - Whorehouse
    11 - Ford vs GM - imperfect song
    12 - Keith Richards
    13 - Old World
    14 - 1hen We Refuse To Suffer
    15 - I Was The One She Came For
    16 - Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love

  8. caught two great shows in austin.

    took a few pics and vids too