Monday, August 9

"More Surprises" Compilation

Hello Jojo Land,

I made a compilation with live songs from 1975-1985.

Some of the songs I got through, and some through trades.

There's some rare gems here!


  1. Thank you very much. There's a discrepancy between the twelve songs with citations and the other songs with no citations. Where are they from? Much as I like a nice compilation, a few full shows from say, '80, '81, '82, '83, etc. would be so cool. I have New Orleans Tupelo's Tavern Sat. 10/23/82: "1. Egyptian Reggae [instr.], 2. Ice Cream Man, 3. Here Come The Martian Martians, 4. Back In Your Life, 5. Louie Louie [instr.], 6. Affection, 7. Stop This Car, 8. Mexicali (?) [instr.], 9. That Summer Feeling, 10. Dodge Veg- O- Matic, 11. My Love Is A Flower (Just Beginning To Bloom), 12. Walter Johnson, 13. Hey There Little Insect, 14. Jerkish Boy (version of Mannish Boy), 15. I Want God To Bring Back Springtime To The World Of Nature, 16. I'm A Little Dinosaur, 17. Carol, {B}18. ? [instr.], 19. That Girl From Forest Dale, 20. That Summer Feeling, 21. ? [instr.], 22. Shirin And Fahrad, 23. Naked (poem), 24. Abominable Snowman In The Market"; and New Orleans Tipitina's Tues. 11/22/83: "1. ? [instr.], 2. Rockin' Rockin' Leprechauns, 3. Here Come The Martian Martians, 4. I'm Nature's Mosquito, 5. Not Yet Three, 6. My Life Is Full Of Color, 7. That Summer Feeling, 8. ? [instr.], 9. Affection (cut), {B}9. Affection (cont.), 10. Vincent Van Gogh, 11. Let's Get Wild, 12. The Way I Danced, 13. Give Paris One More Chance, 14. When I'm Walking, 15. From A Long Time Ago, 16. The Morning Of Our Lives, (E)17. That Summer Feeling"; I'm interested in learning how to digitize and post. GFS

  2. Hi GFS, my name is Jonathan from the icecoldnugrape page with the compilation,

    I would LOVE to hear those shows that you posted above! Some of those songs are very rare and among my favorites!

    Would you possibly be interested in a trade?

    Here is my show list:

    As for the citations of the songs - perhaps the page only partially loaded? Sometimes when I load up my pages they don't load completely the first time - not sure why that happens, still learning the craft.
    Try refreshing the page, and hopefully the rest of the citations appear.

    Let me know if you (or anyone else!) want to trade, and I can help with the digitizing and posting if your interested!

  3. Just realized something...

    I think I know what happened with the citations...

    The little numbers next to the songs correspond to the list of shows at the bottom of the page. I can see now that it is confusing! Doh! Next time I'll put the origin of the show next to the song title - I was trying to make things look a little too snazzy!