Wednesday, June 2

Show review from May 5th!

I'm gonna try to get these up quicker, I swear.

Jonathan Richman does not, at present, offer an “Evening With…” type of show. In fact, his performance at Seattle’s Tractor Tavern was quite thoroughly mapped out beforehand in an email that stated that there would be no opening act (there wasn’t) and that Jonathan would be starting promptly at nine (he did). His stage setup is shockingly minimal, especially given how much of his life must have been given to performing music at this point: Tommy Larkins’ drums sit on stage left, carried by a microphone or two, and Jonathan has two mics along with a small processing rig for the one that captures his small acoustic guitar, allowing for a few basic delays and effects when he deems them necessary. In spite of knowing that his setup and his music is quite minimal, especially lately, it’s still a shock to see a performer so utterly confident in himself and virtually nothing else to hold his set together.

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