Tuesday, April 13

Letter to the Argentinian audience

In Banbang there is a poem-presentation letter of Jonathan for the Argentinian audience. He says something like this:

“Hi everyone, I’m an American singer and guitar player. I’ll be playing a while in your country with Tommy, my drummer.
I don't know what songs I’ll sing. I don't have a previous set-list, and I even change the lyrics because on stage I think on the moment, in the communication with the audience.
I’ll sing in different languages, not with a perfect grammar because I sing with the heart not with the head.
If I see you after the show and I don’t talk to you, please excuse me! It's not a joke, my vocal cords are weak. No words after the show.
I don’t think about a concert, not like a singer-songwriter, I invite you to a party where the music is… us!”


  1. God I love that man. Seriously.

  2. he is the most lovable man on earth, i'm sure! i went to see him at el salón real in buenos aires 2 days ago and nothing will shake the smile away. i even made impromptu shirts out of a drawning i had made a few days before the concert, brimming with anxiety and anticipation. i made one for him, one for me, a few other for my friends and ended making more to sell after the gig. it was a really joyous and emotional evening and i enjoyed it with every sense. here is the facebook event of the t-shirt sale: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=120389014639988&ref=mf

  3. i almost forgot! i here present you with the design! i made the portrait looking at the cover of "jonathan, te vas a emocionar!". some people complained, they said it didn't look like him. what do you think? i'm not rembrandt, bear in mind. it's a loose interpretation of his face mixed with all the things i feel while listening to his songs :) i hope you like it. i sure do! he. but most of all, i hope he does! http://www.estudiocabron.com.ar/extras/jojo-stampa.jpg

  4. Do you have any shirts left? I want one!!!!
    email me if you have any: jonathandavidbrink@hotmail.com