Saturday, March 20

Jonathan Sings...Live!

Hello Jojo Land,

"Jonathan Sings" was the first JR album that I heard, and it turned me into a fan for life.
So, this time, I made a compilation that follows that track ordering of Jonathan Sings, but all live versions. I also threw on some nice bonus tracks

Jonathan Sings Live


  1. Alberto5:44 AM

    Thanks Nugrape! Excellent compillation!
    "When I'm walkin'" is one of my favourites songs.

  2. Anonymous12:30 AM


    i'm from rio, brazil, and even though i've never heard of jonathan richman before his show was announced, i'm picking up interest in attending said concert. do you have any idea about what albuns are privileged on his recent shows' setlists? 'cause i'd like to know stuff that i'll probably hear live beforehand.

    best wishes,

  3. Alberto4:41 AM

    Hi Guilherme, recent setlists have some songs from the last albums (Because her beauty is raw and wild; A qué venimos sino a caer; Not so much to be loved as to love; Her mystery not of high heels and eye shadow). But Jonathan also plays some old songs like "Pablo Picasso", "Egyptian reggae", "I was dancing in a lesbian bar", "Let her go into the darkness", and some new songs that aren't recorded yet.
    You can check the setlists at