Friday, January 8

Holy crap I have to put something happy on here or I will lose it.

Not that I'm refusing to suffer or anything (trust me), but I figure we can all use a little positivity at the moment, since I'm about 5 seconds from just putting up daily pictures of fluffy baby ducks to ease the pain, because frankly, the last few weeks have not been the best, I think we can agree. See? It's too late.
In that spirit, I worked and
slaved over a hot USB turntable to bring you the vinyl single that was released with BHBIRAW. Short of broadcasting My Baby Love Love Loves Me worldwide for a few hours, this is all I could think of to bring up spirits. If you, like me, have a hard time getting hold of a turntable, this is your lucky day. I owned this single for 5 months before I ever got to hear it. But now you can slap it on the Ipods that I'm sure Jonathan hates. I did. Sorry, Jonathan.

I stole the baby duck picture from ShooterSerrato

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